Adventure in Milkshake Falls

One day in the magical forest, Sparkle Rose was skipping along the path, she was wearing her new blue dress with the green sparkling stones.  Her new slippers were a baby powder blue with a blue satin ribbon.  Just like the ribbon in her sparkling white hair.

Sparkle was singing a song as she skipped along the enchanted path.  A butterfly was dancing from flower to flower, she too was singing as she danced merrily in the summer morning.

“Good morning Miss Butterfly” Sparkle said.

“Good morning Sparkle” Miss Butterfly replied in her singsong voice as she flapped her pretty red wings.  “Where are you going on this beautiful morning?” Sparkle giggled as she put the square box with the pink ribbon and bow under her right arm.

“It´s Glitter Blossom´s birthday today,” Sparkle said sweetly.  “She´s having her party and ballet debut at Cuddle On Inn”.  She was excited.  Sparkle Rose wished she could dance on the beautiful stage in the magnificent ballroom at Cuddle On Inn.

Cuddle On Inn was the only hotel in Milkshake Falls, its five great floors could be seen from the enchanted forest beyond the Milkshake river.  The veranda at the front went all the way around the building and its huge door was painted white.  Above it, there was a sparkling pink light, which twinkled like a star.  During the long summer days, everyone sat outside drinking pink lemonade and they ate the most delicious cakes made by Sapphire Rabbit´s mother, Elsa.

The magnificent windows painted pink and white were the entrance to a princess´s kingdom, where beautiful rooms housed soft beds and closets so big they held all your shoes and dresses.  In each room there was a crystal bowl that overflowed like a fountain with chocolate.

Sparkle waved as Miss Butterfly said “Enjoy” and in an instant she flew high on to the large orange blossom tree.

As Sparkle Rose skipped along the path, she could hear the birds chirping happily in their summer song.  The sound of the Milkshake falls in the distance added to the melody.

“Sparkle Rose, Sparkle Rose, look how pretty the ribbon is on your shoes” the sweet voice from behind her called.

It was Razzle Unicorn, her eyes sparkled like topaz and the long horn on her forehead was colored in every color of the rainbow and they shone brightly.  Her long palomino mane was wavy and glossy.  She wore her new pink ballerina tutu with her pink pumps.

Razzle carried a basket and inside the white rattan basket were white roses and azaleas with yellow faces.  She too was going to Glitter´s party.

The two friends danced along the path to Glitter´s birthday party and as they were dancing and skipping they heard a sound.  Razzle looked at Sparkle, her eyes glistened.

“Did you hear that?”  Razzle asked in a surprised voice.  Sparkle nodded.  They heard the sound again.  Bravely they walked over to where there was a clearing in the trees.  They heard the sound of someone crying.

As Sparkle and Razzle got closer, they saw their friend, Glitter Blossom kneeling down on the grass near the fast flowing Milkshake River.

Razzle and Sparkle ran over to her and they sat down beside her and together they asked:

“What´s wrong Glitter?”  Glitter looked at her two friends and said as she wiped away a tear from her brown heart shaped eye.

“I was practicing my ballet,” she sobbed “when I fell over and tore my new ballet shoe” Sparkle Rose put her arm around Glitter´s shoulder and said:

“We´ll help you fix it”.  The little flower´s face lit up, and then it went sad again.

“But I threw them away” Glitter began to cry again.  “When I went to get them, a big black and white bird took them and flew away, high in the sky”.

“We´ll get it back”.  The three friends skipped along the path and made their way back to Milkshake Falls.

At the edge of the town they saw Nathan Bulldog, Milkshake Falls Fire Chief.  He was scratching his head and pointing to something on the ground.  The three friends went over to him and asked him what he was looking at.  Nathan shook his head and said:

“That´s strange”.  The four of them looked at the ground.  “I was polishing the fire truck and this fell onto the hood”.  He held out his hand.  It was a white satin ribbon and it was frayed at the edge.

“That´s the ribbon from my ballet shoes”.  The three friends looked at it.  Glitter took the ribbon and the three of them went off down main street in the direction of Cuddle On Inn.

“I bet that big old black and white bird tore the ribbon off the shoe deliberately,” Razzle Unicorn said.  “I think we should find her and make her fix the shoes”.  Both Sparkle and Glitter gasped.  They had heard stories about how the black and white birds kept stealing shoes with shiny ribbons and sparkling jewels.

Sparkle Rose, Glitter Blossom and Razzle Unicorn walked back in the direction they had come.   As they walked along the path in the great enchanted forest, they talked about Glitter´s debut performance later that day in the hall at Cuddle On Inn.

“I am so excited,” Glitter Blossom was saying as they walked along the path.  Razzle stopped and picked a beautiful daisy that was growing beside the path.  She looked at the flower and put it up to her nose and smelled it.  There was no smell from the beautiful flower.

“Why do daisies not smell at all?” Razzle asked as they walked deeper into the forest.  Glitter and Sparkle laughed and Sparkle said:

“Because silly, only sparkling roses smell beautiful”.  They all laughed but a dark figure ahead stopped the three young friends in their tracks.  They looked at each other. They were a little frightened.

“Who is that?” asked Razzle Unicorn in a whisper.  Sparkle shook her head.  She had never seen the dark figure before.

The dark figure was jumping up and down and seemed to hover effortlessly in the air.  Razzle, Sparkle and Glitter made their way slowly and carefully closer to the dark figure.

As they got closer, the three friends saw that the figure was busy putting stones into something and then tried to put its foot into it.  Then it flapped its wings and rose awkwardly in the air.  The friends looked at each other and then back to the scene before them.

“That´s the black and white bird that stole my ballet shoes,” Glitter Blossom whispered.  “I´m going to get them”.  She stood up but Razzle pulled her back.

“You can´t just walk over there,” Razzle said.  Sparkle agreed with her.

“I have to” Glitter protested.  “I have to fix them before my performance this evening”.  They carefully made their way closer to where the black and white bird was putting more stones into the ballet slippers.

As they got closer, they saw the bird trying to tie up the ribbon.  When it was tied, the bird tried to jump but ended up hovering in the air and as quickly as it hovered the bird fell to the ground again.  The three friends giggled at the scene before them.  Hearing them laughing, the bird turned around and looked at them.  Immediately the feathers stood up on her head.

“What do you want?” the bird hissed at them.  Razzle stepped backwards and Glitter grabbed on to Sparkle´s arm.

“You stole Glitter Blossom´s ballet shoes,” Sparkle Rose said in a confident voice.  “We want them back”.  The bird laughed and turned its back to the girls.

“I didn´t steal them,” The bird said.  “I found them”.  And as she was about to fly away Glitter Blossom shouted at her.

“I threw them away but you stole them”.  The bird turned around and looked at the three friends.  “I want them back,” Glitter said.

“Why did you throw them away if you wanted them?” the bird asked as she came closer to the girls.

“Because the ribbon tore and I was upset,” Glitter said. “Why does a big old ugly bird like you want them?” Glitter asked.  This made the bird angry and in an instant she flew away with Glitter Blossom´s ballet slippers in her mouth.

Glitter, Sparkle and Razzle watched in horror as the black and white bird flew over the tall apple and pear tree.

“Now what do we do?” Sparkle Rose asked as they saw the bird disappear from view.  Glitter began to cry and she fell to her knees and covered her little face with her hands.

“What am I going to do now?” the little flower sobbed.  Sparkle and Razzle put a hand on her shoulder and said: “We´ll find that horrible old bird”.

“We´ll get your ballet shoes back” Sparkle joined in.  Glitter looked up at her two friends and they smiled at her and they walked on into the forest.

After what seemed like hours, the girls came to the clearing where the Milkshake River turned into a warm spring. They were feeling very tired and a little hungry.

“I´m so hungry,” Razzle said as she fell to the ground and rolled over onto her back.  Sparkle Rose sat down on the soft grass and sighed.  Glitter sat down on the river bank and began to pick a blade of grass.

“I wish I could have some birthday cake,” Glitter said.  There was a rush of wind and a shrill sound over head and in a moment the thud of something hard hitting the ground.  The three friends stood up and looked in amazement at the body of the black and white bird lying on the ground in front of them.

The bird began to cry and as Sparkle Rose went over to it, it turned its back to her and said between sobs.  “Go away”.

Sparkle put out her hand to help the bird up but again it turned its back to her. “Leave me alone,” the bird said again but Sparkle smiled warmly when she saw the tear roll down the bird´s face.

“Are you OK?” Sparkle Rose asked kindly.  The bird wiped away the tear but didn´t answer.  “What´s your name?” she asked.

“Pinkle Magpie” the bird said.  Razzle and Glitter came over to the bird.  “I´m new in the forest.  We just moved in”.

“Sparkle Rose she stole my ballet shoes” Glitter blossom said as she stamped her foot on the ground.

“Why did you take Glitter´s shoes?” Razzle asked Pinkle.  The bird looked over at Glitter Blossom and said:

“I like ballet but I didn´t have any shoes,” Pinkle said.  “I saw them lying on the ground and there was no one around” she said as another tear rolled down her little face.

“Well they belong to me and I want them back”.  Glitter stamped her foot again.

“Oh stop it Glitter,” Sparkle Rose said.  “Can you dance?” she asked Pinkle.  The little bird turned away.

“Every time I try to dance,” Pinkle said “I always end up flying”.  Glitter Blossom laughed but Sparkle and Razzle gave her such a look that it stopped her as soon as she began.

“Maybe we can help” Razzle said.  Pinkle looked at them with her sad brown eyes.

“You will help me?” She asked.  Razzle and Sparkle nodded.  They glared at Glitter and in a grumpy voice she agreed too.

The friends looked around for some wood so that they could make a stage for them to teach Pinkle how to dance.

They found some wood and tree stumps.  Pinkle helped with the picking up of the wood and placing them on the tree stumps.

After a lot of hard work the stage was finished.  The four little friends looked on proudly at their efforts.  Sparkle Rose smiled and said:

“I think it´s awesome”.  The others agreed and Sparkle jumped up onto the stage and as she stood up straight the stage began to move and she went flying to the ground.  The others giggled and Sparkle wiped away a tear.  “This won´t do at all,” she said as she stood up and brushed away the petals of wild daisies and a stray blade of grass from her new dress.

“This won´t work” Glitter said grumpily.  The others looked at her and though they didn´t want to agree they had to admit it wouldn´t work.

“Let´s use the hall where Glitter´s debut is going to be” Razzle said brightly as she flared her nostrils to the light breeze.  The smile that crossed their little faces showed their agreement.

And so the four little friends went back to the town of Milkshake Falls and to the hall at Cuddle On Inn.  When they got there, they saw Sapphire Rabbit.  She was helping her mother make the delicious chocolate birthday cake for Glitter Blossom.

The children waved at Sapphire as they walked down the corridor to the mighty ballroom at Cuddle On Inn.  Inside the great ballroom was the huge sparkling chandelier with a hundred glittering gems hanging from the arms of the light.  The floor was made of marble and the shine that came from it made the gems twinkle with all the colors you could imagine.  The drapes that hung on the windows were like beautiful ball gowns made of golden thread and silk.

Pinkle Magpie gasped audibly when she saw the magnificent ballroom.  She had never seen so many beautiful shiny jewels before.  As she glanced around in wonder at the glitzy scene, her mouth fell open as she saw the stage.

It was big and there was a forest scene painted on the back wall with beautiful red velvet drapes tied back so that it framed the beautiful stage.  Glitter, Sparkle and Razzle were already up on the stage and they were dancing.

Pinkle watched in amazement as her new friends glided beautifully across the stage, dancing so delicately that they looked like they were floating gracefully on air.  Pinkle wished that she could do the same.

“Come on Pinkle” Sparkle Rose called to her.  She smiled and flew up onto the great stage.  Sparkle and Razzle showed her how to hold her wings up so that she could stand on her tippy toes.  Glitter showed her how to move effortlessly on her toes and in no time, Pinkle was dancing as graceful as a swan glides over the surface of a lake.

The friends danced for what seemed like hours, Pinkle and Glitter partnered against Razzle and Sparkle.  They were laughing and smiling as they danced across the beautiful stage.

Looking at her watch on her tiny wrist, Glitter made a face. Razzle asked her what was the matter.

“It´s almost time for my performance,” she answered.  The friends stopped dancing and went over to her.  “I am a little nervous now,” Glitter said as she sat down on the stage.

“You´re a great dancer Glitter,” Pinkle said.  The others looked at her and agreed with Pinkle.  Glitter stood up and with a glint in her eye she asked:

“Why don´t you dance with me Pinkle?”  The shy little bird shook her head.  “Oh please do.  You always wanted to dance and now you can” Glitter pleaded.  Razzle and Sparkle jumped up and down excitedly.  Pinkle looked at her friends and smiled.

“Do you think I could?” she asked shyly.  They all said `Yes´, in unison.  Pinkle smiled and flapped her wings.

The great ballroom began to fill up with the people of Milkshake Falls.  Pinkle peeped out from behind the red velvet curtain.  She looked in amazement as she saw all the people taking their seats.  In the front row was the ballet teacher from the school, Miss Foxtrot.  Beside her was the Mayor, Mr Ted Bear and sitting next to him was the fire chief, Nathan Bulldog.

“There are so many people here,” Pinkle whispered.  Glitter Blossom giggled and said as she put on her beautiful diamond tiara.

“We are the stars tonight Pinkle”.  They both hugged each other and took their places as the curtain rose and the soft music filled the air with a beautiful melody.

Glitter Blossom was a beautiful swan swimming up and down the lake and Pinkle Magpie was the handsome prince that was going to protect her from the evil old bird that had put a spell on her.  When the two friends finished their dance the music stopped and there was silence for a moment as the people in the hall stood up and began to applaud the two young dancers.  The clapping lasted for more than ten minutes as Pinkle and Glitter curtseyed and bowed at the appreciation of the audience to the dramatic dance that they had just performed.

In the dressing room after the performance, Pinkle turned to Glitter and said shyly to her friend:

“I´m sorry I stole your ballet shoes Glitter”.  Glitter Blossom took off her diamond tiara and went over to Pinkle and smiled as she put the tiara on her head.

“I´m sorry I was mean to you Pinkle”.  The two friends embraced.  “I´m glad you danced with me this evening,” Glitter said.  The door to the dressing room opened and Razzle Unicorn and Sparkle Rose ran into the room and hugged their friends.

“Glitter Blossom you were a beautiful swan” Razzle said and turning to Pinkle, her topaz eyes glinted as she said, “Pinkle Magpie, Pinkle Magpie look how shiny your hair shines”.  They all giggled.

“Glitter, everyone is waiting in the dining room for you,” Sparkle said as she handed Glitter her birthday present.  “Happy Birthday Glitter Blossom”.  Razzle handed Glitter her basket of white flowers.

The four friends walked down the corridor to the dining room.  Inside there were tables filled with cakes, biscuits and candy.  As Glitter walked into the great room, everyone sang `Happy Birthday´

Glitter giggled and turning to her friends, she said:

“This is the best birthday ever”.  They all giggled and Glitter held hands with her friends as she went over to the table where her birthday cake was.  “I have the best friends ever”.

For the rest of the evening the four friends and the people in Cuddle On Inn celebrated Glitter Blossom´s ballet debut and birthday, but it was also a celebration party for Pinkle Magpie and her family to welcome them to Milkshake Falls.

The End